Florida Man Road Rage

Florida Man Attacks SUV in Bizarre Video



Anytime you see something start with "Florida Man," you know a truly off-the-wall story is bound to follow. I don't know if it's the summer heat and humidity down in the Sunshine State that makes the dudes in Florida go crazy, or if they are just jumping the shark at this point and acting out on purpose in an attempt to perpetuate the whole Florida Man stereotype even further.

Either way, this Miami road rage incident you are about to see holds quite the status as an epic Florida Man story.

In a YouTube video from back in June 2018 uploaded by the Miami Herald, the south Florida man in question is shown straight-up punching the front of a Ford Expedition with the fury of a dozen road ragers. Then, as if that weren't bizarre enough, the unidentified man gets a running start and launches himself at the black SUV with absolutely zero regard for his body.


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If the angry man from the video is out there and reading this (which I very much doubt), I'd like to send him this brief but important message:

I mean, there's never really any "normal" form of road rage, save for maybe a couple muttered curse words under your breath. But to just start attacking a car with your bare hands? That's on a whole other level of abnormal that, at the very least, requires some serious anger management counseling.

To be fair, we don't know exactly what the driver of the Expedition did to get the crazed attacker to act the way he did. Maybe the driver ran over the guy's dog or promised him $1 million in cash if he acted like a crazy person on video. But unless it was something to that effect, Mr. Florida Man probably should have just stayed in his car and focused on his deep breathing exercises instead of squaring up to the SUV the way he did.



That had to make for one wild police report.

This post was originally published on July 25, 2018.

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