Well, this was definitely one of the more stressful videos I’ve watched this week. Take this as a friendly reminder not to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking, especially if you’re as out of touch with reality as this woman. Bystanders in San Diego, California captured this crazy video of a female who stopped her car in the middle of I-15, causing multiple cars to swerve in order to avoid a collision.

As the video begins, you’ll notice this woman parks her car right in the middle of the highway and begins peeing on the road. Following this, she just blindly starts walking in the middle of the interstate, completely oblivious to the imminent danger she was in. The situation just goes from bad to worse in a hurry. As they wait for police to arrive, a pickup truck nearly sideswipes the abandoned car.

The female eventually wanders back to her vehicle and just sits inside of it instead of moving it. The civilians yelled and urged her to get back to side of the road, and one of them even stands on the highway trying to slow the drivers down. With limited visibility at night, the last thing you should do is stand in the road. This becomes apparent as a few more cars slam the brakes and swerve last second, nearly hitting some of the other people.

Luckily, CHP finally arrived on the scene after the video shuts off. The woman was arrested, and her car was safely removed from the middle of the interstate. Somehow, this scene didn’t completely end in disaster, which is surprising, considering the highly dangerous circumstances. Hopefully, this woman looked back at this video and saw just how reckless she was. Ideally, she’ll make some different choices next time she wants to go out for a drink.

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