A recall notice has been sent out for Dodge Hellcats with a possible fatal flaw


So, your Hellcat might be more dangerous than originally anticipated. Sure, you bought the car to invite a certain level of danger into your life, but that probably didn't include an oil slick on your windshield or the sudden, fiery death of your engine. Both of which can reportedly happened to the Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcats.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall order for Hellcats built between February and May of this year. Turns out the cars could be capable of breaking in some truly spectacular ways that just might take you with them.

The recall doesn't go into affect until Sept. 22, but if you have one of these cars, it might be best to put her up in the garage for a while, at least until she can be looked over.

On the bright side, oil gushing onto the windshield is just one step closer to James Bond-style oil slick cannons. Dodge just needs to find a way to make the engine meltdown on-demand and towards the back of the car. We'll be waiting.


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