A Car Repair Shop Drug Front Had the Most Obvious Name Ever AutoBlog/Twitter

The FBI uncovered a drug operation being run out of an auto repair shop in Colorado where the owner was allegedly selling methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and firearms to customers.

The repair shop in Pueblo, Colorado was being operated by four-time convicted felon Daniel Vazquez. The name of the shop? Well, that’s the fun part. It’s called “Get Your Fix Automotive.”

According to The Denver Post, Vazquez was arrested and charged with two felony firearms counts. Both counts each have a 10-year prison sentence and a maximum $250,000 fine. He pleaded not guilty.

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Vazquez, 30, had been arrested and convicted three prior times for possession of a controlled substance.

The FBI ran a sting operation on Vazquez beginning in March, and they had audio of him selling heroin and a handgun.

They also had a video of him with a bag of meth with the intent to sell.

When authorities obtained a search warrant to search his house, they found another handgun.

Running a business called “Get Your Fix” probably seemed like a clever idea, but it doesn’t seem like it worked out for Vazquez in the long run.

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