Fire engine video shows the 'line of sorrow' in the California wildfires

As wildfires blazed on in Santa Rosa, California, help was needed from all over. This video was made on October 9th by Berkeley Engine 6.

Early that morning 5 engines left Berkeley to assist in Santa Rosa. The firemen made a video showing how serious these fires were, and how helpless we can be in these situations. Their goal was to find an area that had not been completely overtaken by the flames and stop the fire from spreading.

After driving by multiple buildings, homes and even a gas station that were too far gone to save, they came across a neighborhood that still stood a chance. After many hours of grueling work they were able to contain the fire and stop it from spreading. The crew estimates they were able to save 30 homes that day. They called the line that separated the burnt homes from the un-burnt the "line of sorrow."

The narrating fireman mentioned that one of the homes they were not able to save, belonged to a member of the Berkeley Fire Department.  If you would like to donate to the efforts in California check out the many verified Gofundme pages here.

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