A drone shows footage of a postal worker delivering mail to an area destroyed by wildfires


The recent wildfires in northern California have destroyed thousands of homes, and they have left people and families with nothing. Neighborhoods have been decimated, and it's been an awful situation for everyone involved.

Despite people being forced to evacuate, most have asked that their mail still be delivered, according to the San Jose Mercury News. So, the U.S. Postal Service is still delivering mail, and a drone captured footage of the mail delivery. The footage is from the Coffey Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California, where over a thousand homes were destroyed.

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Seeing the footage is heartbreaking knowing that so many people lost all their possessions due to the fires.

The whole situation is devastating, and actually looking at the destruction and visualizing what hundreds of people and families are going through is crushing to see.

(h/t The Drive)