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That Time Barack Obama's Limo Got Stuck in Dublin...Or Did It?


When you're the President of the United States of America, you get one hell of a benefits package. Some of the perks include an automatic best-selling book, an unlimited number of paid guest-speaking appearances, and some neat custom rides. Former President Barack Obama's limousine, dubbed The Beast, was one of those custom rides. If you take on all that comes with running this great country, you deserve a tricked-out ride or two.

The Beast was custom-made by General Motors and had some pretty cool additions worthy of the POTUS. The limo came with its own oxygen supply for emergencies as well as reinforced tires to avoid flats and blow-outs. The Beast was supposed to be a vehicle equipped for anything. Apparently, ramps were just a little too much for the limo to handle. At least, according to the initial reports of the incident.

Not So Beastly?

Obama's custom Cadillac limousine became a hot topic after a ramp stopped it. Suddenly, the reinforced tires didn't seem all that necessary, as the vehicle's midsection didn't allow for enough ground clearance to pass over the ramp. The Beast is estimated to cost over $1.5 million, so this snafu seemed embarrassing, to say the least. Emphasis on seemed, because the subsequent reporting surrounding the incident revealed that all may not have been as it appeared.


Luckily, former President Obama wasn't actually in The Beast when it got snagged on the ramp. In fact, according to a Secret Service spokesman, the limo that got stuck was actually "a spare limo," which was "carrying staff and support personnel" when it got stuck on the ramp.

Was it actually a spare limo, or was this all just damage control to avoid any negative publicity associated with the president's security? Who's to say.

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