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This Custom "King Kong" Motorcycle Is a Hidden Gem at the Harley-Davidson Museum


The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee definitely has quite a few rare and interesting bikes on display. If you're ever there, you'll occasionally come across a real treasure, such as this 1941 Harley-Davidson FL 74 nicknamed "King Kong."

The man who built this wildly unique custom bike is none other than the late Felix Predko. Now, Predko passed away in 2004 at the age of 88, but he lived out his days building all kinds of different and incredible motorbikes. He was a master, and his King Kong bike is a perfect example of what he was capable of.

King Kong is essentially two bikes that have been joined together as one. Just about every single part on this bike was custom made, and it's the culmination of over 4,000 hours of labor during a four-year period. It features not one, but two Knucklehead engines and transmissions to put the power to the ground. That's two 1,200cc V-twin engines. It also has two seats and two sets of handlebars, and underneath it, you'll find some wide front and rear tires to handle the added weight. It's finished in a bronze paint job with tons of chrome trim to top it off.

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That's not all, because this cruiser is equipped with a stereo for the rear passenger, awesome bullet-shaped tail lights from an old Cadillac, and even two scuba tanks that hold enough air to blast the ear-shattering air horns. At around 13 feet in length and weighing over 1,000 pounds, this motorcycle is like one of those old tandem bicycles, but on steroids, and about a thousand times more intimidating. I'd also be pretty curious to hear both of those V-twin engines running at the same time.

Imagine showing up to Sturgis with a bike like this. You'd be the talk of the entire event. Don't get me wrong, a custom bobber, cafe racer, or dyna is sweet, but chances are that your motorcycle probably doesn't have as much cool factor as the King Kong. Regardless, no matter if you're a Harley biker or a dirt bike rider, you'd definitely do a double take if you saw this on the road.

You truly have to respect Predko's craftsmanship on this one. I couldn't think of a better place for it than in the Harley-Davidson Museum with so many other iconic bikes. This bike serves as his masterpiece, and something that we can all remember this talented builder by.

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