Ever gotten off your street bike and thought, “I wish that was just a whole lot more dangerous?” Ever wondered if there was a bike fast enough to let you accurately live out that whole greasy spot fantasy from Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? If you have, then we’ve got great news! Someone slapped a Maserati V8 onto a super bike frame and called it street legal. Presumably, they then went to go see if they could incorporate a jet engine into a child’s backpack, because carpool lanes are for losers!

The LM847 isn’t a true bike because it has four wheels, but they are spaced so close together that it might as well not even matter, and the bike has 470 horsepower, so more tires is good. The bike should probably have training wheels too, just being honest.

The demons behind the LM847 are with Lazareth; the same Lazareth that made a Ferrari powered quad. Super sane people.

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In case motorcycles weren’t fast enough, this one packs a serious punch @BstCarsss /Twitter:
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