The Devel Sixteen, a super car, the likes of which the world has never really seen before.

Why the hype for the 16-cylinder hyper car?

The Devel Sixteen has been getting a lot of attention since it was first announced in 2013. The stats alone on this car would make anyone’s heart race. 5000 horse power! Top speeds of 560 km/h – that’s a whopping 348 mph. Advertised to go from 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds with a 16-cylinder engine, hence the name Devel Sixteen. (Clever)

Many have thought it to be nothing but pure fantasy and legend, based on the comments section whenever this car is mentioned. There have only been a few offerings of it shown to the public. Mostly at car shows touting its techs and specs. The website offers very little information on the car the Dubai based company says, “will be a legend in the history of super cars” and “bringing a new era of super cars.” That is a lot of mighty high grandstanding, smoke and mirrors with very lofty marketing.  

Shutting down the critics

Rub your eyes. Pinch your arm. Now there’s video evidence of the Devel Sixteen being driven around, where else, Dubai! This quick video shows two men standing outside of the would be hyper car. It appears they are trying to slowly navigate the car safely to the road. It is hard to see inside the cockpit of the car due to the tinted windows. If I were the driver, I would be ever so slightly with my movements on the gas pedal. The worst thing would be speed off unexpectedly from the power of the engine. If the Devel Sixteen can go from 0 to 60 mph so quickly, one wrong move could send the car racing. Did anyone else get flashbacks to tapping on the gas slowly and being jerked forward the first time they got behind the wheel?

Estimated at about $1 million price tag, leave it to some insanely rich oil tycoon to be the guy who gets to own this super car.

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