This stupid looking invention is the key to revolutionizing your car

Do you often find yourself in a field full of sheep, thinking ,"Boy, do I wish I could take a nap right now." Maybe you have an aversion to sleeping in a "normal" house and beds like all those other sheeple. Wake up! Go sleep in your car, you followers!

Well, Colin Furze has built the perfect car accessory for you: the Carvet. The Carvet is a duvet, but for your car. This invention mirrors the leap that bread undertook when someone grabbed a knife, looked at a loaf, and said, "Time to do this!"

But, you might be thinking the Carvet has so many draw backs. Sure, you can't see your dashboard, stereo, air conditioner, or anything beside your steering wheel and gear knob. But, you can nap in your car, and that's a whole new level of functionality that you're car has never given you before.*

*It has; you've always been able to sleep in your car. Some people even do it on accident. But now you have a blanket, and that's kind of cool.

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