Police say this man found a way to cross the country on no sleep



A trucker who police say drove across country with no rest and fueled by an explosive cocktail of drugs has been arrested after stopping in a Massachusetts town.

Deerfield (Ma.) police arrested Gary Robbins, a trucker from Homer, Alaska. The department's Facebook post that details the incident starts with:


"Thankfully a Truck Driver on Drugs didn't kill anyone on his way across the Country."

According to the Facebook post, police went to a local convenience store on a report of a driver locked out of his truck. When cops arrived, they found the agitated driver, who told them he'd been taking LSD, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. Police said the it appeared the driver didn't sleep at all during a trip from Seattle, Washington, to Deerfield, Massachusetts.

A Google maps search shows that's a 2,985 mile drive that would normally take 45 hours.

Police took the truck driver to a local hospital, impounded his truck, and arrested him. Here's the full Facebook post from the Deerfield Police Department.

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