There was no stopping this tank until it took out everything in its path


So there is some company in Belarus that is making the strangest Mustang body kits.

But there's that old saying about pigs and lipstick for a reason, and no matter how you dress up a Mustang, some dill weed is still going to drive it like a Mustang, which is to say, straight into a static object.


The tank allegedly lost control on the wet road (no you didn't misread that) and spun out, directly into the grass, a lamp, and a tree. Everyone apparently came out alright, even though the tank driver was hit in the head with a power line.

Fortunately, totally trustworthy and not-at-all-state-media-outlet RT was there to cover the event, reporting that the tank was absolutely operational after the collision, even though its side armor took an immense beating.

Which, in response to RT, we certainly hope that the TANK was alright after it hit a street lamp. It's a tank, a steel chariot of death and fire, not a Miata.


However, if M1 Abrams start appearing on the battlefield with lampposts mounted out front instead of guns, we'll all know exactly why.

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