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YouTube: Beyond the press

Will Saw Blade Wheels Hold up on This Frozen Lake?

Like most of the other hydraulic press channels on YouTube, the folks over at Beyond the press are constantly trying out ridiculous and off-the-wall experiments that constantly test the limits of what's possible.

Whether the experiment ends up being a success or a failure, one thing's always for sure: It makes for some pretty epic footage. This video of the BTP team replacing the regular tires and wheels of a Subaru Legacy wagon with saw blade wheels and taking the car for a spin around the frozen Lake Nasijarvi in Finland was definitely no different.

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Per Beyond the Press:

There wasn't traction control or anything like that holding us back. The 1st gear was just too long/we hadn't have enough power on low revs to go any faster.

This was really fun project and wheels worked surprisingly well. I was sure that they will break or destroy the car but they just work 😀 I will do part 2 with bit more speed when all the ice and snow have melted and they are not slowing me down like on this video.?

As you can probably imagine, they did run into just a few problems with the saw blade wheels, but all in all, it was a pretty successful experiment, and they got some awesome video out of it. Of course, you'll have to stay tuned for part 2 of the saw blade wheel test, when they head out to gravel roads and see exactly what the spiked wheels can do.

For the second video, we'd have to guess that 1) the Subaru will end up going a lot faster and 2) there will probably be a few more problems that the BTP crew runs into it. But, we're all here for it!

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