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This Man Wasn't About to Let His Car Get Stolen Without a Fight

Fortunately, I've never had to deal with the horror of being carjacked (knock on wood), but I can tell you that if I ever did happen to find myself in a situation where a not-so-upstanding individual attempted to steal my car, my initial reaction would NOT be to try and jump back into the car while the thief sped off with it.

Maybe I'm just underestimating the bravery of most folks, but I would venture to say that this probably wouldn't be the first move of the majority of carjacking victims. This guy in the video you are about to see though? He's not most people. With absolutely zero disregard for his safety, the man wedges about half of his body into the front window of his stolen car and just hangs on for dear life. You've really got to see this ridiculousness to believe it.

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There's not too much backstory to this Los Angeles incident, other than this simple blurb from the video uploader: "This man had his car stolen and he was hanging on as the thief sped off."

I guess the lack of context makes the video that much more intense. I mean, this is like something out of Grand Theft Auto. This guy must've forgotten for a split second that he was living in the real world and thought that he was some sort of superhero with the power to stop carjackings.

Now, unfortunately, we don't get to see the end result of this attempted carjacking thwarting, but here's hoping that it ended up with our would-be hero saving the day.

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