I’ll be honest, y’all, after watching this video, I’m really not sure whether I think it’s an awesome watch or an absolute nightmare scenario. You’ve got a bus driver in Japan drifting like a complete crazy person, all while some eurobeat song is BLASTING at full volume. I’ve never taken an adrenaline shot straight to the chest before, but I feel like I’ve got just about every upper coursing through my veins right now after that absolute roller coaster ride of insanity. Give me a few seconds while I come down from this heart attack-inducing rush. Gotta do a quick vitals check.

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Ok, I’m good. This driver’s passengers though? Probably not so good. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that this guy wasn’t on the job while he was pulling these stunts, but I also can’t imagine that he’s known for the smoothest of rides when he’s clocked in and hauling passengers from stop to stop. On second thought, something tells me that this guy isn’t an actual charter or school bus driver at all, but some maniacal stunt driver who got his hands on a bus.

No two ways about it, though, this dude has some serious driving skills. If he is a legit bus driver, he should probably quit his day job and work as a Hollywood stunt driver or something. I couldn’t even pull off this stuff in an arcade game. It’d be game over. On the other hand, this guy’s bus drifting game is no joke. How he didn’t end up tipped over on the side of the road is beyond me.

Could do without the pulse-pounding music (my heartbeat feels like the inside of a EDM concert), but other than that, I’m interested to see what kind of behind-the-wheel stunt videos this guy has planned next.

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