Texas Street Racing

Texas Street Racing Is About as Hardcore as It Gets


Even though Texas has some strict laws prohibiting street racing and getting caught participating in an illegal drag race can result in some serious racing accidents or run-ins with local law enforcement, outlaw street racers in the Lonestar State can't help but try to make a name for themselves out there on Houston's long, flat expanses of highway. Especially when big money and their reputations are both on the line.

To get to the heart of what makes Houston-area street outlaws so damn tenacious, 1320video took a look at this subset of street racing culture in Texas, and it's like a crazy compilation of all the best scenes from the Fast and Furious franchise.

We're not sure if they still sell DVDs of this footage (besides, who buys DVDs these days anyway?), but these YouTube clips definitely do a good job giving you an inside look at what Houston street racing is all about.

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Obviously, the risks associated with illegal street racing are too many to count (any video that starts with "ducking the cops" probably isn't the most advisable thing to try recreating on a public street near you), but we're sure if you asked any of the drivers who take part in the reckless driving similar to that shown in the video above, the rush alone probably makes up for any close scrapes with danger or police department interactions.

Whether it's a turbo Mustang or 1,000 horsepower twin-turbo Terminator Corba, the sorts of souped-up rides that go head-to-head in Houston street races are next-level insane. It's no wonder why these types of drag racing events are so damn popular.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, an 800 hp BMW can do some serious work on the road.

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