YouTube: Vanity Fair

Let a Stunt Coordinator Walk You Through the Coolest Stunt in 'John Wick 2'


If you ever meet anyone in the film industry, they will let you know that it takes a ton of work to complete any shot, even for the smallest scene. And when you're filming a technically complex movie with tons of stunt driving and fight choreography like John Wick 2, that work quadruples.

Vanity Fair took some time to sit with veteran stunt coordinator Darrin Prescott and to learn just how much labor went into the opening sequence of the second John Wick film. That's right, not the whole movie, just the car chase in the opening.

It's a worthwhile watch, and afterwards you'll develop your appreciation for the folks behind the cameras even more. Because, while Keanu Reeves may be an excellent driver, without folks like Prescott, he'd be a fool in a beat up Mustang, circling a parking lot.


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