memorial day biker stunt session
YouTube: JasonFuhst

Bikers Shut Down Highway for Memorial Day Stunt Session


Stunt riders love doing whatever they want to do, regardless of laws. Normally, stunt shows are contained in different parking lots, however, the annual DFW Memorial Day ride brings all the chaos to the public streets. This insane video from 2010 shows the bikers as they shut down a North Texas highway near Dallas Fort Worth during Memorial Day weekend.

The idea behind this was to commemorate a fallen rider, and you can see their attempts at doing so as they spray paint his name onto the highway while the craziness takes place. If there's one thing that the bikers take more seriously than wheelies, it's showing respect to their fellow riders who've passed away. Although it seems like it was for a good cause, I still am blown away by the absolute mayhem that is taking place in this video.

The video starts just after they shut down the Texas highway. Hundreds of bikers are seen blocking the roadway, creating space for all the activities and motorcycle stunts up front. Seriously though, this is a short video, but it's just non-stop action. There's people doing circle wheelies, revving up their bikes, doing burnouts, and at one point, an adrenaline-fueled rider yells "That's what we do baby, yeah!" to the camera. There's so much smoke in the air and engine noise, I can only imagine Dallas County officers were already en route to the location.


That's a big reason why these stunt riders travel in large packs like this, because police are unable to do much about the whole thing. Once they show up, the bikers will take off down the road and, because of the large numbers, police will likely have to back off. If this was a single rider trying the same thing, he'd be on the ground with his hands behind his back in a matter of minutes.

The video cuts off rather quickly, but I'd imagine these riders finished up and continued their massive ride on down the road. This isn't extremely uncommon in Dallas, as group rides like this take place on an annual basis. They may not shut down roads every single time, but they definitely have large group rides like this pretty often. Believe it or not, I've actually personally attended a few of these stunt rides in Dallas. Let me assure you that these meet-ups are just as chaotic as what you would imagine.

It's great to see the riders do what they can to remember their fallen brother, but the drivers that got stopped behind them probably weren't thrilled about the impromptu traffic jam. Either way, it still ended up being an epic video for everyone to see, so it wasn't all bad. People have mixed opinions about these types of events, but let me be the first to say that they likely won't stop anytime soon. It's a way of life for these stunt riders, and there isn't really a good way for police to put a stop to it. These riders attend events all over the United States, so maybe you'll catch them around you sometime.

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