Cleetus McFarland is tired of lame burnout. Can you blame him? I mean, why go to all of that trouble if you’re not producing an awe inspiring, jaw dropping, tire smoking burnout. Getting that awesome burnout only take a few steps to achieve the legendary cloud of smoke. Lucky for you, McFarland has produced this step-by-step guide from the cockpit of Leroy, his 2001 C5 Chevy Corvette. These easy to follow steps are meant to impress your friends and, as he says, the ladies, too.

Watch for more detailed instruction on how to make your burnout one to remember.

Safety first – Make sure you have enough room to pull off your trick

McFarland warns to make sure you have enough room and right people around to pull this off. Everyone should be a good distance and there must be enough open space to spin a few donuts in low visibility. This also gives them a good view to take some video of your soon to be epic burnout.

Take traction control off

Make sure your traction control is off. If traction control is on your car will not make a burnout at all.

Pick your gear

First and second gear are the best, but pick a gear you are most comfortable with. First gear will be the easiest to perform your burnout.

Release your clutch and rev the engine

Toggle between brake and gas keeping the RPMs level

Spin that baby!

Let it rip. Do a few donuts to really pick up the smoke cloud.

Watch the full video for all the steps and tips from Cleetus McFarland.

Bonus: McFarland did fail to mention one very important tip. Make sure you have enough in the budget for two new tires. After you’re amazing burnout, you’ll need to switch out those tires you just burned.

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[Video] Cleetus McFarland has the cure for lame burnouts Cleetus McFarland/Youtube

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