This burnout shows that where there's smoke, there is fire

Hell yeah, brother!

What is a brand new car worth, if it's rear brakes aren't on fire from spinning in one spot for over a minute? Nothing, it's worth dead nothing.

Cleetus McFarland was out and about at the Streetcar Takeover Dyno Night, when a driver approached him and his group of Dalers and exclaimed, "I'm going to do a burnout!" It happened, and it was swell enough that two others followed: a brand new Camaro, and a brand new Corvette.

Both burnouts lasted for over a minute, and both burnouts left plenty of smoke drifting through the air. But only one caused an actual fire. After a minute of grinding down the rear brakes, invest in line lock, dang it!, the Corvette's rear wheels caught fire.

At the end of the night, sometimes you just have to sacrifice your tires and brakes for Dale.