State trooper resigns after using questionable tactics to break up a street race


An alleged street race involving 10 BMWs near Newton, North Carolina was stopped by the North Carolina Highway Patrol on Sunday afternoon. Five of the cars were impounded, while the other five allegedly were used to slow down traffic so the five cars could race.

State trooper T.J. Williamson was in pursuit of the street racers, and he decided the fastest way to reach them was to drive down the opposite side of Highway 321. Here's video of the dangerous act from Williamson, where he nearly collides with several drivers head-on while in pursuit.

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After video was released of Williamson driving down the wrong side of the highway, he announced his resignation.

Williamson probably thought he was doing the right thing by trying to catch the street racers, but he ultimately put himself and others in extreme danger by nearly causing several head-on collisions.

Other state troopers were able to stop the street racers, though the five who were arrested insisted they were not street racing.

It was a bad situation all the way around, but thankfully no one was injured during the foolishness.


(h/t Jalopnik)