A brand new dashcam captures a crazy collision on its first day


An Ottawa man decided to buy a dash cam, and a day later he was able to catch a cyclist crash into another car while crossing an intersection.

Reddit user Nick Fleury (username 26Drunk) bought the dash cam for $75 on Amazon, and a day later he went out for lunch with his girlfriend. As he approached an intersection, a cyclist nearly hit his car. The cyclist kept pedaling, and he was hit by the car in the next lane.

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"Luckily my girlfriend was fast enough on the brakes to miss the cyclist. But a second car had come back and unfortunately hit the cyclist," Fleury said according to CBC News.


A police officer nearby witnessed the collision. The driver of the car was fine, and the cyclist suffered a sore hip but nothing more.

Adding insult to injury, the cyclist was charged with a traffic violation after the accident.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt. Hopefully the rest of Fleury's dashcam career isn't as eventful as day one.

(h/t The Drive)