This high speed chase must have been torture for one Mustang fan in particular

As far as police chases go, this one is actually pretty mild. There are plenty of red lights being ignored and danger as always, but this driver isn't as erratic as some of the more wild chases, and even keeps his stolen Ford Mustang away from any large crowds of people. But this is what makes this average chase absolutely riveting: pretending you are the owner of the stolen Mustang.

According to KTLA-5, the chase lasted over an hour, plenty of time for the Mustang owner to hear about the chase in time to get to a TV and watch it live. All of a sudden, the mildly interesting chase becomes the most harrowing event of this poor Ford fan's life. Imagine him watching his beloved car being driven on the wrong side of the road and through blind intersections, just hoping that the car might survive against all odds.

After watching the mustang start to slow near the end of the chase, the owner could have been thinking he had lucked out. Maybe the driver will just give up before pushing his luck one too many times? Then, inevitably, the cops had enough and had the perfect opportunity to end the chase.  A well-executed PIT maneuver spun the car around and the suspect accepted his fate.

Maybe the damage is repairable, but the owner will probably have to settle for a check, and a copy of the footage of the end of his ride.

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