Dodge's new police cars have a feature that make them a cops best friend

Dodge is stepping up to help protect and serve those who are busy protecting and serving. The new Dodge Charger will come equiped with an updated Officer Protection package. Car and Driver reports the upgrades feature sensors to warn officers of approaching threats, potentially saving lives all over America with a few extra seconds of warning.

The sensors are already available on thousands of cars; they just do something a little different. Normally these sensors help drivers not bump into garage walls when they're backing up. The sensors have just been reworked to catch anyone sneaking up on a cop in his car. To top it all off, the sensors are going to come free of charge on the Charger Pursuit vehicles.

Fiat-Chrysler Automotive Vice President Jeff Kommor said,

"With critical input and guidance from our police advisory board, we have enhanced the technology's capabilities for the 2018 model year with additional sensors to provide officers with an expanded field of protection."

It's a small gesture, but anything companies can do to help the men and women risking their lives to keep America safe is worthwhile.

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