World's Fastest Pontoon Boat YouTube: Chad Ruff

Where else but the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout would you find the world’s fastest pontoon boat?

Pontoon boats look more at home as party platforms or fishing barges than rocketing across the lake, but this is no ordinary pontoon boat. Back in 2015, Brad Rowland proved that when he put on a performance for the books and took home the Shootout record with a lightning-fast showing of 114 MPH.

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Per PDB Magazine:

[Brad’s] 25-foot 2010 South Bay triple pontoon, dubbed the Tooned In, sports three Mercury Pro Max 300x engines. You may think that’s overkill, but Brad actually has his sights set on going even faster.

“I see 120 MPH not out of my reach. People freak out when they see me come down the lake that fast in a pontoon,” he said

This three-engined beast is the world’s fastest, achieving a speed of 114 MPH. For comparison, speed boat manufacturer Fountain Power Boat’s fastest boat, the 35 Lightning, has a listed maximum speed of around 100 mph.

Blasting across the water with the pontoons barely touching the surface, this boat sure doesn’t look as stable as a purpose-built race boat, but there is no arguing with the results.

It’s safe to say that anyone hoping to touch Brad’s record is definitely going to need a faster pontoon boat.

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