woman rips off car window

Virginia Woman's Road Rage Freakout Ends in Extreme Car Mirror Attack

They say that Virginia is for lovers, but apparently the folks there can still road rage just like everywhere else. In one video from out of Richmond, a clearly pissed off woman is shown ripping the driver's side mirror right off of a car with her bare hands. On top of that, it was a car that, only moments before, the woman herself had allegedly sideswiped.

Ymani Breedlove, who was the driver of that other car, captured the road rage incident on her cell phone. Allow me to introduce one woman who was clearly not having a good day. Yikes!

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"I saw how irate she was so I didn't want to have any contact, any face-to-face. I said I was going to stay in the car and wait until police came," Breedlove told NBC12.

According to Breedlove (an ironic name, considering the situation), the mirror-yanking woman, who is still on the run as of the publishing of this article, was actually the one at fault.

"She was just dodging the pothole and she didn't see us. She didn't look to see and she sideswiped the passenger side of our car," Breedlove said.

"When we pulled over, she hopped out the car, stood in the middle of the street and she was literally having a moment."

The extreme road rage (and possible 'roid rage?) incident definitely made for a scary scene, especially since Breedlove's 18-month-old daughter was also in the car.

"As a mom, I was freaking out," the Virginia woman said.

"I had my 18-month-old in the car so when things like this happen, I have to carry myself as a mother and as a woman."

That's good motherly instincts right there. If someone rips off your car mirror, you lock the doors and stay uninvolved. Oh, and also film the whole thing on your cell phone. That's an absolute must.

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