Let’s face it: Everyone has at least one person (or, God forbid, several people) in their family who’s not all that great at driving. Maybe they drive too fast or too slow or never use their turn signal or have terrible road rage. Maybe that person is you.

In a recent post, we asked our Facebook fans who they thought was the worst driver in their family. Here’s what just a few of them had to say. Hopefully, this won’t start any family feuds.

Charlie, blink twice if your wife is the worst driver in your family.

The classic three-way tie. Here’s hoping they offer family discounts at the local driving school.

To be honest, this sounds like quite the impressive resume.

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I don’t envy parents who have to deal with young drivers. Nothing but stress, stress, and more stress.

Hey, at least you’re honest about it.

Wow. This is like something out of an accidental version of Fast and the Furious.

Maybe you’re both just bad drivers?


Well, hopefully the four-year-old has never actually been behind the wheel of a vehicle.

This is a golf joke, folks.

Who’s the worst driver in your family? Let us know on Facebook!

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