The latest assault on Atlanta's highways: Tigers

Imagine driving down the Interstate, minding your own business, when suddenly you spot a tiger casually walking down the road.

That's what drivers saw on I-75 in a suburb of Atlanta on Wednesday morning. A Henry County police officer saw the tiger, and several people called the police after they saw the animal roaming the streets.

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According to CBS News, the tiger made its way into a residential neighborhood and into someone's backyard.

The tiger jumped over a fence and into Brittany Speck's backyard, where it attacked her dog. Police arrived on the scene and shot and killed the tiger before it seriously injured the dog.

Police aren't sure where the tiger came from, and they are currently looking into the situation.

Seeing a tiger roaming around your backyard in the middle of the night has to be a pretty terrifying experience.

(h/t Car Scoops)