It’s not often that you see “speed trap” and “hilarious” in the same sentence. But, on a highway over in the United Arab Emirates, there’s a speed trap that’s so outside of the box, it’s impossible to not at least have a chuckle over it.

The police officers over in the UAE are either super lazy, have a great sense of humor, or both. This cutout of a cop car on the highway, complete with randomly flashing lights, does a perfect job of making drivers hit the brakes and be on their best behavior. At the very least, we know it got one driver’s attention.

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Per Rumble:

“It was shocking moment for me. I thought it was a real police car so immediately I fastened my belt and lowered my speed. When I turned around, it was a joke for me.”

Initially, you’d have to imagine that this makeshift speed trap would be pretty effective. Until you get up close, you can barely tell that you’re looking at a cardboard cutout of a police cruiser. But, after a couple days, you know that most of the folks in the area would have wizened up to the trick pretty quickly. Ultimately, this cutout was probably more effective as a way to pick out the tourists and out-of-towners from the locals.

For the sake of longevity, the next move for this creative speed trap is probably parking a real cop behind that cutout. That’d way, UAE law enforcement would be able to snag all the drivers who have been lulled into a false sense of security by seeing this faux-cop on their commute every morning. Then again, as someone who has been pulled over for speeding a few times, maybe that’s almost TOO good of an idea.

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