A motorcycle rider was taking a quick break from checking out pedal cars, weaving through city traffic and cutting through crosswalks full of people when he saw a man in a wheelchair loading up in his car. After watching for a bit, he couldn’t figure out how the man was going to get his wheel chair into the storage bin above the car and offered to help.

Little did he know, the man who lives his entire life with the chair had things all figured out. That is when the man unleashed the coolest system we’ve ever seen. The storage bin shifts over and drops down a line, the man attaches the line to the chair, and then, with a press of a button, the system picks up the chair and stows it away on the roof without the man having to break a sweat.

“Technology, eh?”

H/T The Drive

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This man didn’t need any help with his wheelchair thanks to this crazy setup RoyalJordanian / Youtube
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