Stacy Kohut is renowned as the world’s fastest mountain biker on four wheels, and the folks at Red Bull have honored him with the video short, Mountain Biking on Four Wheels is Faster Than Two — The Stacy Kohut Story. It’s a fantastic look at this terrific athlete who could have let an accident derail his dreams

When he was nine-years-old, Kohut fell off a swing set, broke his back, and became a paraplegic.  He told Red Bull, “I have a responsibility as a person in a wheelchair, with a ‘disability,'” the Crankworx Air Downhill race entrant and four-wheel category athlete said, “to go out and lay down the hardest run I can.”

Kohut competed for Canada in the 1994, 1998 and 2002 Paralympic Games  in para-skiing, and came away with one gold and three silver medals.  Now 46, his love and passion for competing still clearly shines.

This crazy wheelchair allows Stacy Kohut to fly down mountains Youtube screen shot

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