taxi driver fight

Fists Went Flying in This Thailand Taxi Driver Throwdown


The life of a taxi driver can get pretty intense, with the competition among other drivers getting downright brutal at times. Plus, you have the added competition brought on by Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing companies. So, when we saw the above LiveLeak video of a standard taxi driver squaring up with a motorcycle taxi driver in Thailand, we could only assume that they were either beefing over a fare or were just letting out their overall existential frustration on each other.

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The regular cab driver was throwing some serious punches, and the fact that the other guy was wearing a helmet didn't slow him down one bit. He was going for the KO with reckless abandon, and he didn't seem to care what was in his way.

Now, the motorcycle taxi guy didn't seem to be quite as motivated to fight. He threw a couple sloppy attempts at punches, and luckily he had that helmet on, because if not, he probably would've been dropped in an instant.


Blow after blow was thrown, but unfortunately the guy filming the throwdown has yet to be introduced to recording things in landscape mode. In fact, it looked like he lost interest in the fight completely. A tale as old as time.

Anyway, who knows what the ultimate result of the fight was, but before the video cuts out, it looks like a third party intervenes and gets the cabbies to try and talk things out. They may have ended up going their separate ways, but we doubt they were high skipping and singing Kumbaya when it was all said and done.

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