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These Road Ragers in Spain Were All About Kung Fu Fighting in the Middle of Traffic


Apparently, the pain in Spain falls mainly on the...dudes who decide to instigate road rage.

In the above LiveLeak video, we get to witness two road ragers in Barcelona, Spain pull off moves that you'd be more likely to see practiced in a dojo than used in a street fight. Although, I'm guessing neither of these guys are trained black belts, because they weren't exactly pulling off Bruce Lee-level kicks, but at least their unorthodox fighting style kept things interesting.

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With absolutely zero regard for their surroundings, these two fighters absolutely let their rage get the better of them. They just started going at it in the middle of traffic, with cars honking their horns and everything. But that didn't seem to faze either road rager whatsoever. They just kept attacking each other, trading kick after kick, until one guy eventually caught one of his attacker's kicks and took him to the ground.


Unfortunately, we don't get to see how the scuffle ends, because the videographer honestly does a pretty horrible job of staying with the action. On top of all that, the entire thing was recorded vertically and not in the highest of quality. Hopefully, one of these days, people will learn to turn their phones sideways for these sorts of things. When it comes to fight videos, cinematography is everything. This other brawl video from out of Austin, Texas is definitely proof of that.

Anyway, despite not having definitive evidence of the outcome, it's safe to assume that the fight got broken up shortly after the video, as a passing motorcyclist ended up stepping in to intervene.

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