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This Texas Street Brawl Is the Most Well-Filmed Fight of All Time

Of all the cities in Texas, the hipster oasis of Austin is probably the last place you would expect a full-on street fight to go down. But, wherever there's alcohol and crowds, there's the recipe for mayhem of epic proportions. Cue the above video showing one doozy of a booze-fueled brawl.

First of all, I'd be remiss if I didn't bring up the question on everyone's minds: Is this a legitimate street fight or a movie scene directed by Martin Scorsese?

I mean, most of the fight videos you see on the internet look like they've been filmed on a potato, but this deserves an Academy Award for Best Cinematography or something. Sure, the incident happened all the way back in 2015, but if there were ever a Hall of Fame for fight videos, this would have to be one of the first official inductees. Just an all-around classic.

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As for what led up to the actual fight itself, apparently the guy in the flannel shirt was eager to throw down after acting like the guy in the tank top and tattoo sleeves had clearly wronged him in some way. Both guys had their respective crews, and, with mob mentality being the way that it is, neither side really made any steps to ease tensions.

In the end, it looks like Team Flannel got the upper hand before the police came to break up the ruckus. Of course, the dust-up didn't come without its casualties, and a few guys ended up bloodied and battered in the aftermath.

But, seriously though, did we mention the amazing film quality of this? Amazing. 10/10.

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