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There are a million and one things you can do on the road that can get people to hardcore judge you.

Most of these things are driving related, but sometimes it can be less about what you’re doing with your car and more about what you’ve done to it that can have people seriously shaking their heads at you.

In this Reddit thread, a few folks shared what really grinds their gears when it comes to what people put in or on their cars.

Are you guilty of any of these things?

1. The wrong type of blinkers.

They’re headlights, not eyes, people. Get out of here with this eyelash nonsense.

2. Decalvin, what is you doing?

I mean, it’s a little bit funny, but I see you point.

3. Get out of here with your Old English, pal,

Wow, that is incredibly specific, but seems annoying, I guess.

4. Families gotta stick together.


Unless you actually have a family of stick people, maybe don’t do this.

5. Thoughts and prayers and stickers.

Believe whatever you want, but leave the condescension out of it.

6. Elections have consequences.

Comment from discussion .

Washington Adams 1789

7. License to Jersey


We get it, dude. You like Bruce Springsteen and bagels.

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