Nothing screams freedom quite like those pride-inducing colors of red, white, and blue. And, since we do cars here, what better way to show off those beautiful colors (other than on the flag, of course) than on some slick-looking rides?

Here, we’ll look at seven patriotic paint jobs that will have you swelling with American pride.

7. Cadillac Done Right

Have you ever seen such an American-looking Cadillac? If this doesn’t have you feeling that good ol’ fashioned patriotic pride, then we don’t know what to tell you.

6. Old School Ride, New School Paint Job

Nothing takes a car from vintage to oh-so-slick like a quality paint job. Let’s just say that red, white, and blue never looked so good.

5. Little Red, White, and Blue Corvette

Image via Instagram/katemarie_3

There’s something about a Corvette that already gives us chills. Adding an American flag paint job is just the icing on the cake.

Can you imagine taking this baby for a cruise? It probably comes with a baseball equipment set and a complimentary slice of homemade apple pie. That’s how American this ride is.

4. The Ultimate Patriot’s Jeep

Patriotic Jeep
Image via Pinterest/Yahoo Autos

This Jeep may not be a Patriot, but it sure as hell has got us thinking patriotic thoughts.

3. ‘Merica!

Patriotic Car
Image via Pinterest/HelloSociety

How badass is this?! You put a bald eagle on anything, and you’re bound to feel almost 100x more American than before. It’s just a stone-cold fact.

2. Red, White, Blue, and Diesel

Patriotic Truck
Image via Pinterest/Marvin Bredel

We can’t tell what this truck is hauling, but if we had to guess, we’d say roughly 10,000 American flags, 5,000 copies of the Declaration of Independence, and the Statue of Liberty.

1. Home of the Free Because of the Brave

Patriotic Car 2
Image via Pinterest

It’s impossible not to get chills from this tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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