Garrett Mitchell, better known as “Cleetus Mcfarland” on YouTube is a very entertaining character to say the least. He is a very proud American and talks a lot about bald eagles, America and more bald eagles.

In this video posted by Garrett’s employer 1320video, we see what they call Cleetus’s brother and his G-body cutlass. This is no standard 307 powered Cutlass, oh no. It’s been swapped with you guessed it, an LS. Under the heavy steel hood is a stock 5.3 likely straight out of a junk yard with a 78mm turbo and a 4L80 trans ready to take some abuse.

The video starts off at the track with the Cutlass running strong against a Z06 Corvette. He takes the win and then we see a bald eagle T-shirt wearing dude come out of the car. He seems super laid back and eager to show off another bald eagle, this one on the hood of the car with its claws tearing through the flag.

After some legal fun on the track, the car hits the street in some less legal street racing action. He even races two other cars at the same time almost crashing the car on the second run.  It’s amazing the police aren’t called as they are basically doing this on a normal looking street.

Cleetus Mcfarland would be proud, and after this video was made there’s no doubt a few baby bald eagles were born.

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Every American should approve of this turbo bald eagle Cutlass 1320video/YouTube
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