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Shocking Surveillance Video Shows Los Angeles Man Randomly Shove Man Under Truck


One man is in police custody and another is in critical condition, following a vicious and random attack captured on surveillance video, showing a man shoving a random passerby in front of an oncoming truck in downtown Los Angeles.

Per ABC 7:

At first the suspect is sitting at an outside table on the sidewalk watching people walk by after 10 a.m. Wednesday in the 300 block of West 6th Street downtown.

As one man approaches, the suspect stands up and lunges into him, pushing him toward the street.

The mans tumbles to the ground and over the curb just as a box truck is driving by.

As the victim falls under the truck's front wheels, the suspect leans down to watch him get crumpled under the tire.

He then puts his hands in his pockets and casually walks away.

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After seeing the video of the attack on ABC News, LA firefighters were able to identify the assailant less than an hour after the video's airing.

"It was definitely the bright neon rain jacket and the baggy pants, and just the demeanor the guy had," firefighter Austen Johnson said.

The suspect -- who witnesses described as possibly being homeless -- was eventually arrested by LAPD officers, who described him as extremely combative and also mentioned that he did not have any form of identification on him.

He is expected to be hit with attempted murder charges.


As for the victim of the unprovoked attack, he sustained a collapsed lung as well as broken bones.

Now, it's hard to find most things shocking these days, but even still, the fact that someone would just up and do something so outrageously violent to a complete stranger is pretty mind-boggling. The sad truth is that people shoving other people in front of oncoming traffic and other heinous acts happen more often than we probably even realize, and most of them aren't captured on surveillance video.

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