man chasing tire

Texas Man Risks It All to Chase His Runaway Tire

There are few things that I would run into traffic for. I'd probably risk it for an abandoned baby or a lost puppy. Maybe a few other things. But, a runaway tire is definitely nowhere on the "Things I'd Run into Traffic for" list.

I can't think of myself ever being in a situation where I would need to chase after a runaway tire to begin with, but if I did happen to be presented with that challenge, I would let that thing keep on rolling and just hope that it didn't cause any accidents. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but that's just the honest truth.

Well, one Texas man did happen to find himself in a runaway wheel scenario, and unlike me, he decided to chase that thing down a Houston highway. And he chased it down with reckless abandon. Twitter user Rafael Sanchez captured the ridiculous scene on video and uploaded it to Twitter, where it got more than 2,000 retweets and 6,000 likes.

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As the footage shows, the man chases the rolling tire down Interstate 45 and actually makes it into the middle of the road before wrangling that sucker. According to the star of the video, the whole thing started when his "driver side rear wheel flew off," adding that his adrenaline kicked right in. He also said that he was glad no one was hurt in the incident.

Now, apparently this isn't the first time that random things have rolled right into Houston traffic recently. As KSAT points out, "Houston drivers have seen at least three incidents of giant spools getting loose and rolling down the highway." Sounds like a sign of the end of days to me.

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