Honda Element Camper Conversion Makes Life on the Road as Easy as Ever


A 35 square foot tiny house on wheels

Nate lives in his Honda Element camper full time thanks to an ingenious series of installations and conversions inside the vehicle he and his grandfather constructed. For a number of months, he has lived in his ecamper -- what he calls his "35 square foot tiny house on wheels," complete with kitchen, bedroom, office and closet.

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An all-in-one convertible camper

How can he fit all of this into one car? Different "modes" allow him to convert the space quickly to suit his needs. A folding support system to makes the platform for his bed by adding in supports between the back seat and cockpit area. This creates a space that is slightly smaller than a twin bed - allowing a more comfortable experience than curling up on the backseat bench. A sleeping bag and pillow is laid over the sleeping platform to complete the sleep mode.


The kitchen is comprised of a cabinet storage system, pump sink, a camp stove, and a mobile 12v fridge. He has even included a smart safety feature, a carbon monoxide detector. The custom-built cabinet system also allows for a small closet area for clothes to be hung. Space under the bed allows for any other clothes or gear to be stored in a suitcase.

Nate is able to get by with minimal amenities as long as he has a public place to park his car. He has built in added privacy and sleep curtains using Velcro tape and magnets. This helps block any ambient light for a restful sleep, and adds in a level of security from peering eyes in stealth mode.

Lastly, during the day when he needs to get some work done, the bed folds up and out of the way. A simple tray table is set up to become the perfect desk space and the office mode is complete.

Are you looking for tiny home ideas? For those of you who want to get away, you may want to consider some of this MacGyver's novel ideas. Element Van Life chronicles his life in the Honda Element camper conversion van with details on more tips, tricks, and how life on the road is in a tiny house.


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