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A Full-on Police Investigation Is Underway After This Connecticut Road Rage Incident Went Viral


Pretty much everyone on the planet is out there trying to go viral in some way or another, and thanks to the convenience provided by cell phones, basically all you need to do is be in the right place at the right time and be quick to press that record button.

For Obasi Cooper, it was actually being in the wrong place at the right time that earned him his brief taste of social media stardom. The Hartford, Connecticut native was skateboarding with a few buddies when he witnessed a road rage incident at an intersection. It was then that his instincts kicked into gear.

"My boy Phil was like 'hey, there's two dudes arguing.' "Okay, so like my dad would do, he would pull out his phone and film it," Cooper said.

So, like some sort of amateur Kubrick, Cooper just started filming and later uploaded his soon-to-be viral masterpiece to Facebook.


As you can see from Cooper's video, the scene escalated from a minor disagreement to some seriously aggressive driving to both parties squaring up with the intent to throw down. That's when the state police got involved.

"I stopped the video and then the police officer came," Cooper said. "I showed them the video then it all broke up. I think another police officer arrived after that but then I just put my phone back in my pocket and walked away."

Cooper's work had already been done though, since officers were later able to identify the two road ragers.

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Per Fox 61:

Police have identified the two men involved. The driver of the gray Dodge Journey was identified as Jerome Anderson of Manchester. The driver of the red Toyota Camry has been identified as Ruiz Santiago of East Hartford.

Police said Santiago was the only one taken to the hospital after he was struck by Anderson. No word on the extent of his injuries.

Being able to help out with a police investigation and being on local news is great and all, but it turns out that Cooper was just excited to have his video blow up the way that it did.

"My boys were like 'hey your video is getting shared all around' and I was like 'wow, that's pretty cool,'" he said.

Pretty cool indeed. But Cooper isn't planning on just being one-hit wonder when it comes to viral videos. With his handy cell phone in tow, he's prepared for whatever craziness goes down in Connecticut.


"Yeah, I'll be like yeah let's pull it out," he said.

"I might get some more stuff."

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