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Nothing can improve the look and increase the value of your ride quite like a solid car modification project. Whether it’s just a touch-up or a full-blown restoration, there are a number of things you can do to get any worn or old car looking like the real deal.

That being said, modding ain’t cheap. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending an arm and a leg on modification supplies or body shop costs, and the sticker shock alone could be enough to stifle any sort of modding creativity. To avoid throwing a wrench into your modification plans before you even get to Step 1, you’ll need to think outside of the box. You might be asking yourself, “But where do I even start?”

Well, that all depends on the particular project. Let’s start with a simple one, like applying a clear coat of paint. You could break the bank and buy a ton of expensive tools, paints, and finishes, or you could go the unconventional route of one modder on a budget, who decided to use house paint to spruce up his car’s paint job. Judging from the video below, option B seems like the way to go.

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Ingenuity aside, hopefully this cowboy-hat-wearing, foam-roller-wielding gentleman picked out the right kind of paint. You know, the kind that can withstand the harsh elements. Being thrifty doesn’t really work if the methods you use aren’t also effective, and it’d be a real shame if that bright white paint washed away after the lightest of rainstorms.

Though judging from this Richard Petty lookalike’s confident application of the paint, I’d say this wasn’t his first rodeo.

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