Genius engineering solves one of the biggest problems with traffic communication


In true engineer vision, YouTuber Mark Rober created his own "courtesy honk" system. The system, which is a brilliant idea that should now be featured on all cars, employs three separate levels of honk-ness (honk-itude?).

The first level is the traditional courtesy honk, two short beeps, signaling to the driver in front of you that it's time to stop surfing Pinterest and get back to, I don't know, driving. It's simple, it's sweet, and it's almost impossible to get mad at.


The second horn is even less aggressive. It's an R2D2 whistle! It's so amazing! Rober suggests using it to warn pedestrians of your presence, without coming across as overtly aggressive. A car is, after all, a giant steel cage capable of high speeds, and our bodies are soft and easily squished, so a less-aggressive honk makes a lot of sense for when your goal is to not scare the living hell out of someone in front of your car.

But sometimes we want to scare the living hell out of a pedestrian. To meet that end, Rober placed a maritime horn underneath the hood of his car and linked it to a tempting red button.

Atlanta traffic would make that button irresistible.

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