Honda Horn Emojis are the silliest solution to a real problem


Picture this: You are on your way out to run some errands when you see your friend out walking their dog in the neighborhood. You honk your horn to get their attention and wave. When you look back to the road you notice the truck in front of you screech to a halt. The driver gets out and starts pointing at you while walking towards your car with a 2x4 in the other hand. Your honking has accidentally triggered his rage and your side mirror is about to pay the price.

Back up. What if you had a different horns for different emotions? Honda thinks this is the solution the modern world has been waiting for. We have always wanted one polite horn (Like a Mazda Miata chirping to let you know the light changed) and one angry horn (like a Train telling you to move or else). We're not sure seven different "Honda Horn Emojis" are necessary, but it would be an improvement nonetheless.

This commercial is dripping with silliness and came out around April 1st so maybe we will never get an Emoji horn, but wouldn't a dedicated dog whistle be convenient?


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