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Explosive Lightning Storm in Florida Makes for Quite the Show

Did you know that Florida is the lightning capital of the United States? Yep, according to the National Weather Service, more people die from lightning strikes than in any other state. Not to harsh your mellow or anything, but the cold hard truth is that, as of July 21, eight people have died from lightning strikes in 2019.

Don't freak out. The likelihood of getting struck by lightning is still pretty rare. But, that obviously doesn't take away from the fact that seeing a strike go down right in front of you is scary stuff to say the least. Which is why one driver, who was making her way through Fort Myers, Florida, had a literal "Holy shit!" moment when she saw an explosive lightning strike happen only feet away.

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Per ViralHog:

"My husband and I were driving south to Fort Myers to meet friends from out of town and saw the ominous clouds but figured it was just another typical Florida storm. I started recording because I was hoping to capture a lightning "show" but never dreamed this would happen!

We were on Summerlin road and had just crossed Daniels Parkway. I had waited for over 4 minutes and was ready to just give up when this lightning bolt hit and I dropped my phone in shock! Fortunately, neither we nor the other driver were hurt at all but I was speechless for quite some time after this!"

Now, had I witnessed the lightning strike up close and personal, I probably would have had a similar reaction to the woman. But, from the comfort of my laptop, it actually looks pretty cool. Like an epic light show courtesy of Mother Nature. A wildly terrifying, potentially fatal light show. Gotta love that Florida weather. Gotta love it.

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