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Crazy Wisconsin Road Rage Fight Ends in Surprise Snow Brush Attack

When it comes to most road rage videos, usually it's the initial parties involved in the incident that are the stars of the show, so to speak. That wasn't the case in this highway fight that went down in Kenosha, Wisconsin on June 2. Here, a snow brush-wielding woman who came in at the last minute for backup was the one who ended up stealing the spotlight.

According to WISN 12, witness Cody Andrew saw the whole thing unfold at a red light, whipped out his phone quicker than you can yell "Worldstar!" and recorded not one, but two videos, which he subsequently uploaded to Facebook.

"That guy flew out of his car extra fast at the other dude's car and just went straight to swinging," Andrew said.

"I saw the other guy come running from the other lane and start throwing punches. The one guy got his legs out the window, started throwing crazy bike kicks out the window."

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As you can tell, the scene was already wild enough to begin with, but things really got turned up a notch when Suzy Snow Brush came in to make matters even wilder.

"The one guy's got the other guy in headlock, and they're just wrestling around. Lady comes out with a snow brush, starts helping her guy out," Andrew added.

To be fair, in a fistfight, a snow brush does make for a pretty damn decent equalizer. For other drivers on the road, though, the entire incident really put a damper on their whole commute.

"It's just shocking. There's no need for that. Road rage is the most ridiculous thing that I can imagine. Life's too short," Todd Keller said.

Well said, Todd. Well said indeed. If I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times: Road rage is never worth it.

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