With brush fires approaching fast, one man knew what was important


The hills above Burbank, CA., were hit with brush fires so bad, authorities ordered a mandatory evacuation because the flames started approaching homes. Here's what the fires looked like:

One man took the evacuation order to heart and jumped into action by saving his -- 1961 Corvette.

David Steele, who The Drive identified as the director of the American Hot Rod Foundation, caught the scene on video, adding: "Yes, when your neighborhood is on fire, you get the '61 Corvette out first!"


"I went outside, climbed up a short ridge and saw the fire. Then I saw the guy in the Corvette, you can't tell it from the video but he was really moving," Steele told Autoweek.



That is a man that has his priorities straight.

There are no reports of anyone being hurt and firefighters were able to stop the flames before any houses were lost.


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