ballistic vest training

The People Involved in This Ballistic Vest Training Video Are Grade-A Lunatics

You know that "Don't Try This at Home" warning before especially crazy stunts or experiments? Well, they should slap the above video of a guy wearing a ballistic vest and getting shot at point blank with a "Don't Try This Ever" warning.

Just look at the footage! There's a guy pointing a gun, filled with live ammunition, at a guy only a few feet away from him, and firing said gun. It doesn't get much more ridiculous, or unsafe, than that. Man, there really are some crazy people out there.

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I don't care how confident you are in the quality of a ballistic vest, there is no universe where this could be consider a worthwhile experiment.

It doesn't matter if the guy was wearing 10 of those vests stacked on top of each other. Standing that close to the business end of a gun and letting someone shoot you will never, ever fall inside the realm of good ideas.

What if, right before the guy was about to shoot, there was a flock of birds that flew out of the trees, spooking the shooter? All the sudden, he's off his mark completely. Bang! The guns accidentally goes off. Yeah, that would have made for a SERIOUSLY different video. One that we definitely couldn't have shown here.

I mean, this just isn't a good look for anyone involved in the making of this video. The guy shooting, the guy getting shot at, and the three freakin' camera people all need to take a break from making decisions, because this could've gone epically wrong.

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