Truck Stop

A Monkey Fighting a Rottweiler and 9 Other Crazy Trucker Stories


If you scroll through AskReddit for long enough, you can stumble upon any number of crazy car-related stories.

Due to their long hours spent on the clock, truckers usually tend to have the craziest stories. From wild encounters on the road to unsettling truck stop experiences, a good number of truck drivers have seen it all and then some.

Here, we'll look at just 10 of the craziest trucker stories that Reddit users had to offer.

Well, that got dark.

Keebler driver's got jokes.

Prostitute + chihuahua = bedtime story?

The brakes, the brakes, the brakes are on fire.

Not your average semi.

Not crazy, but crazy adorable.

Next stop, the solicitation station.

Things took a turn for the creepy.

Just horsing around on the Jersey turnpike.

And last, but certainly not least: Monkey vs. Pitbull.

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